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The Gigantic Microscope

○ The Organic Molecule site is a fun and interesting activity since one is able to form and put together atoms to build organic compounds and molecules such as ethanol (ethyl alcohol), methane (CH4), and paracetamol (C8H9NO5S).

Newton’s Cradle is an interactive site where one can observe a series of pendulum swings. One can lift and then release one end of the pendulum swing to let it hit the other bobs and watch how momentum and energy is conserved in the series of pendulums.

○ The Periodic Table of Elements is a fascinating site because you are able to see real examples of different elements. For example, you are able to see the element Potassium (K) in the form a of a banana, and the element Sodium (Na) in the form of table salt. The site gives you a better understanding of the different elements of the periodic table.

○ Theobromine is a is a bitter alkaloid of the cacao plant, with the chemical formula C₇H₈N₄O₂. It is found in chocolate, as well as in a number of other foods, including the leaves of the tea plant, and the kola nut. This site give you a closer look on the compound. This also shows you how the elements Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Oxygen are connected with one another.

○ The Whirlpool is an entertaining site where you could see how an object moves under the forces of gravity and centripetal force. It gives you a closer look on how the object moves. The movement is similar to a real whirlpool you see in real life.


Journey for Thought | Exposure Trip 22.09.17

3×3 on the King’s Court

One of the sports we Kings love is playing basketball. We see students of all ages playing basketball before classes, during lunch time, and after dismissal. For our final performance task for Physical Education, we organized a 3×3 Basketball Sports Fest for the grade school student to join. Surely, the students who saw the posters immediately asked their friends to make a team and participate to win it all.

The people responsible for the 3×3 were mostly the basketball varsity students of Grade 11-Egypt. Bjorn and MJ were the referees, Franco and Gianna were the scorers, Denson and I were the timers, and Martin and Rennier were the committees. The planning and schedule making of the Sports Fest took some time because we had to make a decent poster, count the students who’ll be participating, finding the right time for the Grade School to play, and making the rules and regulation to make the competition fair for all. All of us showed collaboration throughout the whole program because we all played a crucial role in it.

5 teams participated in the tournament and showed their talents on the King’s court. The teams were divided by color: green, blue, yellow, red, and white. Most of the students who participated the program were from Grade 6. So we had a total of 10 games before the finals so that each team will get to at least play 2 games. The Sports Fest started 1 pm on March 9, 2017, on the basketball court of SSIS-M.

The games were intense as everyone was hustling for the ball each possession. Many fouls were called by the referees for the contact the teams made with their opponents. Some teams preferred shooting the basketball up close while some teams preferred shooting long bombs from the three point line. Chemistry was shown in each team knowing that each team was a group of close friends who know each other very well.

As teams were eliminated as we reach the finals, the tournament was only left with two teams. The game between red and green team exhibited the talents of the best basketball players in the grade school department. It was a close team between the tournament’s best teams. Green team won against the red team in a close one. Miguel Mercado of the green team was chosen as the MVP for showcasing his skills of an uprising shooter of basketball. The whole program as a whole was a success. Both the players and organizers enjoyed their roles throughout the whole program.

The Cause and Effect of Heating Esters

I learned the process of the Fischer esterification hands-on. Through the instructions of our teacher during the experiment, my group and I were able to produce esters from heating mixtures of different carboxylic acids and alcohol. Boiling water was an essential part of making the experiment a success. We had to be careful with holding the test tubes because of the high temperature it produces after placing it on boiling water. So we used thongs to hold the test tubes so skin contact won’t be necessary.

In this experiment, we had to perform it two times. We broke two beakers in the first experiment with only producing one ester. I learned that we should take these failures as a learning experience and try again. I also learned that when placing glass objects on hot plates, we should be cautious of the temperature we set it in to avoid breakage. In the second attempt, we are able to produce more than one esters with the use of a boiler instead of a glass jar for safer measures.

Our group was persistent in this experiment. We didn’t give up on the experiment especially the little time that was given to us after breaking the first beaker. However, if we need to make the most of the time, we have to prepare with the materials needed at the beginning of the experiment. Another lesson we learned from this experiment is the use of tools in the wet lab. We have to choose the safest and efficient ones when conducting this experiment or even others to produce results in a safe way.

I need to be more attentive and read the instructions of the experiment before performing any action. I’ll use this as a learning experience for me to improve myself in conducting experiments.

Fit Kings on the 10th

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It was the 10th anniversary of the Home of the Kings and the school had to give an experience that the students will remember as the school goes double-digits. One event that was held was Zumba. Zumba is an aerobic fitness program that involves featuring movements by various styles of Latin American dance and performed primarily to Latin American dance music.

Grade 11 – Egypt of the senior high school department exhibited their movements on the King’s court during the foundation week of SSIS Malarayat as a requirement for their Physical Education (P.E) class. 2 groups were made for the warming up and cool down phases. As an enhancement to the program, the students made their very own shirts to give the students the motivation to give their best in shaking their arms and hips.

“Trust the Process”. The class decided to put this quote on the shirt to send an important message to the students and teachers. We should always believe in what we are capable of doing if we put our trust in time and effort. Yes, we may be bad or low skilled in something at the moment, but we shouldn’t just worry and give up. Our greediness to improve should always be acknowledged to accept to our current position and be willing to improve. For the Zumba, the class is indicating that they have no care for anyone that is either good or bad in dancing. If you’re willing to give a chance in dancing and having fun at the same, you’ll enjoy the program without giving a care about how you’ll look like to everyone.

The program took place on February 7, 2017. The students were gathered in the morning. The class figured that in order for the kids to be pumped for learning and exhibiting their skills on various tasks, they need to let loose and feel energized. Surely, as the students started to enter the gym, the students of 11-Egypt started to feel both nervous and excited. However, they were determined to bring their best versions of themselves to the program for a fitting experience on the King’s Home 10th Anniversary.

The first group exhibited the warm up phase. The group was composed of 5 students and led by Mikkel Tapay. Two songs were used to pump up the students and bring out the inner dancer inside themselves. One song was ‘Fire Burning” by Sean Kingston and the other was “Club Can’t Handle Me” by Flo Rida featuring David Guetta. The upbeat songs successfully brought the students to their attention and started moving along the rhythm.

Before the second group started their dance, Ms. Rizchel Cordero, Chloe Peres, and Shanes Mendoza shared their own version of Zumba. This would prolong the program and give the second group more time to prepare. I may say that the dance moves they exhibited really challenged and my body. Thanks to them, they gave an energy boost to us and felt loose with our bodies.

The second group exhibited the cool down phase. The group was composed of 7 students led by Katya Mazloum. Two songs were used to calm down the students and relax their muscles after exerting their energy to the upbeat songs of the first group. The first song played was “Trumpets” by Sak Noel featuring Sean Paul and the second was “All of Me” by John Legend. The songs were fit for cooling down the students and helping them relax their muscles after shaking their hips back and forth to the music.

Overall, the program was a huge success. The students left the gym with energized minds and loose bodies ready to take on the day’s challenges and tasks. The students of Grade 11-Egypt celebrated as they were able to conduct the program despite the nervousness that built up in them. I guess “Trust the Process” was not only for the students and teachers but also for the class who made the quote.

What is the World Made of?


When learning a new topic, I prefer watching videos or a short film that’ll cover the topic that we’re about to take.That way, it gives me preliminary knowledge about the topic that is going to be discussed. In addition, videos give us a chance to reflect on what we learned and what we currently know. For our Physical Science class, Sir Benny let’s us watch a video entitled “The Story of Science – What is the World Made of?”

Science is responsible for the achievements made by us human beings. Ideas generated from our minds gave us an opportunity to change our world and give the people a better understanding about how our world works from the huge solid sizes to the tiny molecular sizes.  What I learned in the video is that we consist almost entirely of empty space. Atoms are everywhere every time, moving from one location to another without being able to see it’s physical appearance. Everything we do with other objects causes a change in atoms especially both structure and movement.

What caught my attention was the story of science began not from the scientists during the old times, but the people who are considered as alchemists. Alchemists were the people who tried to understand the world and how to alter it. Their time rose  during the middle ages who protected their secrets through codes and ciphers. They demonstrated practical abilities that convinced the people that the world can be changed. However, the understanding of matter didn’t start as we know in the modern world like solid, liquid, and gas. Their understanding back then originated from the ancient Greeks where everything in the world were made from a combination of earth, water, air, and fire.

As time passed, alchemy was coming to a close as the world of modern chemist was finally opening their doors. The considered last alchemist, Hennig Brand, discovered the element Phosphorus. He discovered it by believing that the Philosopher’s Stone can be extracted from human urine. Alchemists were on a quest to find the Philosopher’s Stone because this substance is capable of transforming inexpensive metals into valuable and expensive gold. Alchemist had a mindset where metals can be transformed, mutated, and purified. Brand was able to extract a stone from the urine, but what he discovered was white phosphorus. He considered it as the giver of light which gave way to the invention of the match stick which is made of red phosphorus.

Alchemy finally came to an end, but it’s tracks will be forever be remembered. The most significant contribution of alchemy was the use of lab instruments which propelled modern science. The world of modern chemistry finally began and more elements after Phosphorus were being discovered by scientists after performing various experiments that would reveal it’s appearance. The Father of Chemistry, Antoine Lavoisier gave the fundamental principle of Chemistry. Elements can be reversed to its original with the same amount and conservation of matter.

The video taught me that we are still learning. Science still has the capability to discover many new things through the use of experimentation and curiosity. Scientists today are making and answering questions where our knowledge has a chance to expand higher peaks. Thanks to this video, I was able to understand that with curiosity and risk, we are able to understand more about our Mother Earth and what she has in store for us.



The Quantum Leap

My class and I watched a video during our Physical Science class about quantum mechanics. The documentary “Quantum Mechanics by NOVA” explained the concept of mechanics in a molecular level and the many experiments scientists conducted in order to answer their answers. Quantum Laws may not be obvious, but once we start thinking at a molecular level, we finally start to see the magic of the Quantum Theory. Not only these Laws would explain the movement of atoms and subatomic particles, but may also explain our reality as well.

As the video progresses, I start questioning the things around me like how does a basketball gets up so high then ends up on the floor, but I’m confusing myself with Classical Mechanics and Quantum Mechanics. Fortunately, the video explained the difference between those 2 branches of Physics. Classical Mechanics explains the motion of bodies based on the laws of mechanics by Isaac Newton. Quantum Mechanics explains the motion of subatomic particles and atoms. If I want to ask questions relating to Quantum Mechanics, I should be asking questions that’s relating to the microscopic properties of nature where Classical Mechanics no longer is applicable.

Scientist Niels Bohr explained the early structure of an atom. He related the structure with our universe. The nucleus acts like the sun or center of the solar system and the electrons as the planets. Now according to Bohr, the electrons or planets have a fixed orbit which orbits around the center. What does the phrase “Quantum Leap” mean? Let’s start with the word “Quantum”. According to Merriam Webster dictionary, “Quantum” is any of the very small increments or parcels into which many forms of energy are subdivided. For “Leap”, to spring free from or as if from the ground. According to Niels Bohr, “Quantum Leap” is when an atom is heated, it’s electrons become agitated, causing to “Leap” from one orbit to another and every time it leaps downward, it creates energy.

I enjoyed how the video uses real life situations with the concept of Quantum Mechanics like explaining the double slit experiment with a bowling alley. At the end of the alley, the bowling pins become black curtains instead. There is a barrier in the middle of the bowling alley where there are two holes which are located on the left and the right of the barrier. The bowling balls are considered as small balls of electrons. Once you roll them, they should go past through the barrier. What got me curious is that, when the electron balls hit the black curtains, it creates a wave like shape. I guessed that it would be probability. Even though I throw the electron ball either on the left or right side, there’s still a chance that it would hit the center.

The video also entertained me with the word “probability”. They used the casinos in Las Vegas as an example of probability and how the word is being used to its full potential. The games you play in the casinos explains probability. There’s always a chance that you’ll win or lose. That also applies to the Quantum Laws and reality itself. There might be a chance one atom might move to one direction or another.

The video overall gave me a wider perspective about small particles. It got me questioning how these scientists Bohr and Einstein dedicate their craft in answering the Laws of Physics. One thing I learned from the video is that we did not figure everything out yet and there are many questions yet to be answered whether if it’s big as objects or as small as atoms or subatomic particles. This will give your mind a major roller coaster, but since it’s a roller coaster, you’ll have fun while on the way to learning the Quantum Mechanics.


The History of the World in 2 Hours


Knowing about the history of our universe in JUST 2 HOURS?! At first, I thought it would be impossible, but we humans always try to prove the impossible possible. This video shows us how the universe began starting from the Big Bang until the present time. It entertained us with special effects including commentating that kept our eyes wide open to what is being explained in the video.

At the beginning, there was nothing and absolutely nothing. It was nothing until a small fireball the size smaller than an atom expanded its energy rapidly, creating our massive universe. The universe started with our stars and then began making elements which would eventually make up our planets and our home, planet Earth. The video explained the birth of our planet Earth and how it mold into the planet we currently live in today. It also included the birth of life and how our ancestors evolved to the species today.

Overall the video was interesting and did not make me lose my interest. I learned that we are all made up of star dusts and energy from the Big Bang is still being used and conserved today. We should all still be curious about the world and find out more about our universe. Curiosity is what takes us to greater heights.

The primer I have made for my Physical Science is about my insights about the birth of our planet Earth and its early years. The video helped me gain more knowledge and gave me ideas of making the info graphic. The one liner is explains what are we and our surroundings are made of. I have learned from making the primer and from watching the video is that we’re all made of stardust and energy around us that is being conserves still comes from the Big Bang.


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